Samsung vs SanDisk SSD – Which Brand is Better?

When you’re looking for an external storage solution for your laptop, then two of the main brands that you’re going to come across are Samsung and SanDisk. It can be difficult to know which one to opt for out of the two, as all these SSDs are just trying to provide the same service – giving you the opportunity of more space to save your files.

So when you’re trying to decide between these two brands, what should you be looking for? Well, we’re going to have a look at the things you should take into account when trying to decide between a Samsung SSD and a SanDisk SSD.

Samsung vs Sandisk SSD

The difference between the SanDisk SSD and Samsung SSD are minimal, however SanDisk SSDs are generally the more durable of the two. So if you’re going to be using your external SSD on the go, then it might be the better option to go for.

However, Samsung and SanDisk are the two most well known SSD brands, and everyone probably has their preference between the two. We’re going to be looking at external storage here as opposed to internal, though the brands are leaders in both areas. Let’s look at the two brands and see which would be a better choice for you.



Samsung is well known in pretty much every different area of electronics, from phones and TVs to hard disks and even refrigerators, they’re pretty much everywhere. And whilst some of their products are more popular than others, where they have done well is with their range of SSDs.

There are some people that probably cringe when I say I think that SanDisk are the better of the two, and I understand why. There are some areas where Samsung drives are excellent, especially their data migration software, which is probably the best out there.

Their best selling brand is likely the T series, especially the T5 and the T7, which are some of the best external SSD drives that you can purchase. There are different models released from the Samsung T series, which we’ll take a quick look into now.

Samsung T5

Bestseller No. 1
Samsung T7 Portable SSD - 1 TB - USB 3.2 Gen.2 External SSD Indigo Blue (MU-PC1T0H/WW)
Samsung T7 Portable SSD - 1 TB - USB 3.2 Gen.2 External SSD Indigo Blue (MU-PC1T0H/WW)
External high-speed storage in compact pocket size and capacities up to 2TB
Amazon Prime

As one of the top options available, the Samsung T5 is a pretty reliable external SSD. It’s available in both 512GB and a 1TB size, but the terabyte option isn’t too much more than the half a terabyte.

So for most people, this will be the better choice of the two, as it provides the best value. You can also get a 2TB model too, but this is pretty expensive and will only be necessary for very few people.

The T5 is designed with aesthetics in mind, and it’s available in a good variety of different colors. It’s one of the best looking SSDs, and it’s also very small and lightweight too. For those looking for a portable model that they can take with them everywhere very easily, then it’s definitely suitable in this respect.

It has a maximum read speed of 540mb/s, which is about standard for the premium models on the market nowadays. For most people, the Samsung T5 would be a perfectly good choice.

Samsung T7

Bestseller No. 1
Samsung T7 Portable SSD - 1 TB - USB 3.2 Gen.2 External SSD Titanium Grey (MU-PC1T0T/WW)
Samsung T7 Portable SSD - 1 TB - USB 3.2 Gen.2 External SSD Titanium Grey (MU-PC1T0T/WW)
Connectivity technology: Nein; Security: password protection; Compatible devices: desktop; Encryption: AES 256-bit hardware encryption
Amazon Prime

For some, the Samsung T7 may actually prove to be the better choice of these two SSDs. Why? Well, it’s only a little bit more expensive than the T5, but it has much higher reading speeds. This will be important for certain folk who need the maximum reading speeds they can get.

The T7 is also a little bit thinner than the T5, however, it is longer as well. So whilst it can definitely fit into your pocket a little bit easier, they are still about the same size as one another, and there’s hardly anything in it.

Aside from this, you aren’t going to see much of a difference between the T5 and the T7. So, if you need super fast read speeds, then it could be worth a look. But, it may not be necessary for you to upgrade in many cases.

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As opposed to Samsung who don’t specialize in any specific area of electronics, Sandisk have honed down specifically on the storage and memory card area.

They’re well known for their SD card, and their SSD storage is some of the bestselling out there too. My personal favorite is their Sandisk Extreme model, which is another great choice for those looking for an SSD.

So, it’s only fair that we take a look at some of the bestselling models from Sandisk and compare them to each other to see which is best!

Sandisk Extreme

SaleBestseller No. 1

For those looking for a hardy SSD, then you’re not going to find anything better than the Sandisk Extreme Pro. It has a hardy exterior, which can handy bad weather with ease and isn’t going to break if you drop it. It’s a good choice if you want a device that can deal with water, bumps and especially dust too. It’s the best option for those looking for a truly portable SSD.

It has read speeds of 550mb/s, and you can buy it in sizes between 256GB and 2TBs, with the 1TB option probably providing the best value. It’s ready to set up with Windows and Macbooks, so you shouldn’t have any problems with this model, and it’s definitely worth considering.

Sandisk Extreme Pro

Much like the T7 is to the T5, there’s also an upgraded version of the Sandisk Extreme you can get too, which is referred to as the Pro. It’s larger than the standard extreme, with almost double the weight and a few centimeters extra in length too.

It also has around double the transfer speeds of the base model, so it’s for those who need 1000+ mbps speeds. It still has the same hardy design as the base model, and this is the only really difference between them.

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SanDisk vs Samsung – Compared + Guide What to Look for


Let’s take a look at the two brands most revered models in comparison to each other. This way, you can easily make a decision between the two.

Design & Case

The first thing that you’re going to notice with a new SSD is its shell or casing. This is actually pretty important, as it’s going to be the main thing protecting your technology, which might have very important things on there.

Both of these models are very similar to one another, so it’s difficult to say which is best. However, the main way that we can set these two apart is by the design of their casing.

The SanDisk is designed to be able to take a lot of wear and tear. Whilst some of the casing is plastic, it’s covered in rubber all around the edges of this model. So if you were to drop it, the likelihood of it breaking is very slim.

However, with the Samsung model, its main focus is on being small and lightweight. It weighs only 51g, and it’s definitely the better looking of the two. However, the casing isn’t the most resilient, and even though Samsung say it can withstand some abuse, it’s not as durable as the SanDisk Extreme.


The whole reason that we’re using an SSD in the first place is that they have a faster read and write speed than other forms of storage. All this means is how quickly the SSD can open a file (read), and how quickly it’ll save a file to it too (write).

The difference in read and write speeds between these two models is going to be negligible, and you probably wouldn’t even notice a difference.

Whilst the SanDisk is stated to have 550mb/s speeds whilst the Samsung only has 540mb/s, they’re both likely to return between 400-450mb/s in reality with your device. Remember, this is only their optimal speed! So, there’s really minimal difference between the two here.


Another area where you can usually separate products is by their warranty. However, both of these brands offer a pretty comprehensive three year warranty for all their SSDs, so there’s really not much difference here either.

SSD’s tend to be very reliable across the board. They should last you for a good 10 years if you take care of them, and by then, the warranty will have expired long ago.


All in all, there’s not much to choose between the Samsung SSD and the SanDisk Extreme. However, due to the design, I would opt for the SanDisk model, as it’s likely going to be more durable in the long run.

So in conclusion, both of these models are pretty similar to one another. They’re both marketed at the same price, and they both have very similar read and write speeds. You can also consider the Crucial X8 and WD My Passport as viable alternatives too.

But in terms of design, I much prefer the SanDisk for traveling with, and I feel confident that it won’t break. And in terms of reliability, I’d opt for SanDisk too as I’ve always used them – however, this is definitely personal preference. Both of the models would likely be a good option, and it’s up to you to pick your favorite.

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