Epson WorkForce WF-2850DWF Printer Review

When you’re looking for a good printer, then there are a ton of different brands out there for you to choose from. However, no brand currently on the market is more associated with decent printers than Epson.

The Japanese company have long been regarded as one of the better options when you’re looking for an office printer. And although the WorkForce WF-2850DWF has a long name and sounds like an expensive laser printer, this couldn’t be further from the case.

It’s a 4-in-1 inkjet printer that you can pick up for a pretty cheap price, even if you’re on a budget. So, let’s look at the WF-2850DWF in more depth.

Epson WorkForce WF-2850DWF Review

Overall, the Epson Workforce WF-2850DWF is a good quality printer available at a reasonable. The only area where it’s not strong is in its printing costs, with Epson cartridges being particularly expensive.

Known for being part of Epson’s office range, it has been a fairly popular model for a few years now. It manages to give you all of the features of a standard office printer at the price of a lower costing home model.

As an all-in-one printer, also called a 4-in-1 printer, it has the ability to print in a high quality. But as well as this, you can also copy, scan and fax on it too. It can definitely come in handy if you have a lot of documents to prepare at home.

The WF-2850DWF is one of better options if you’re looking for a cheap printer – check out Spacehop’s guide to budget printers. Let’s look at this model in a closer detail.


As a member of the Workforce series, this model is essentially designed as a business printer. However, this definitely doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for your home – it would make a pretty good addition to any home office.

One of the things that makes it a good choice for your home is that you can easily use it to print double sided. This can help you save on paper over the long term, and will likely appeal to those that want to lower their overall printing costs.

You can use plain paper with this printer if you want to print documents. But for higher quality, you can also consider using photo paper instead. Let’s run through this printer in a little more detail.


One of the good things about this printer is that you can connect to it very easily. You’ll need to download the intuitive iPrint app beforehand, which allows you to connect to the printer and send your documents to it.

As well as having this printing capability, you can also set it up with Epson Email printing too. This allows you to send an email to the printer to print out – of course, you’re going to need a wifi connection for this to work anyway.

Printing Costs

Unfortunately with Epson, there’s always going to be a trade off between a cheap initial cost and high printing costs, or a high initial cost and lower printing costs. This model falls into the former category.

Whilst you can pick the WF-2850DWF for a pretty cheap price, this is largely because it has pretty high printing costs. It’s okay if you’re only going to be printing occasionally, but in the long term these costs are definitely going to add up.

This isn’t a good option for anyone that’s looking for a printer with low printing costs. If you print more than 100 pages per week, then you’re going to go through a fair amount of ink cartridges. So, if you’re going to be printing at a high capacity, you’re better off looking elsewhere.


As a 4-in-1 printer, it’s important that this type of printer is made to last. It has a pretty decent build quality, and is sure to last for some years after you purchase it.

Another thing to mention about this printer is that it is fully capable of printing on both sides of your A4 paper. This is a good feature, as most printers out there don’t have those capabilities.

It has a 1 and a half inch LCD screen that you can use to navigate the printer, though it isn’t the easiest to use. At its core this is a business printer, although it’s much more than that too.


Above everything else, this printer prints both black text and colour images to a high standard.
Duplex printing is pretty hard to come by, especially when you’re looking at cheaper printers. However, if you need to print duplex, then you can with the WF-2850DWF.
The printer itself is actually quite cheap, and it’s a good option for anyone who’s on a tight budget.


The main reason why you won’t want to consider this printer is because of its pretty high print costs, which will add up in the long run if you print on a regular basis.
As well as having high costs, another thing that I’m not a fan of about this model is the navigation on the printer itself. It could be a little easier to use.
The printer is quite difficult to set up, which should be the case for any printer nowadays.


There are a lot of good things about this printer, like its duplex capabilities and simple installation. However, the area which isn’t as great is in the cost of printing, which is amongst the highest you can find.

So, if you’re only going to be printing in a very occasional basis, then it could be a good choice. But if you’re printing every day, you’re going to want to look at another printer.

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  1. I’ve had many printers over the years. By far, Epson is the best on the market. Ink colors stay bright and don’t smudge. Print quality is perfect for my needs, including client presentations, and hobby crafts. As for how fast it prints per page, is really not a concern, and the fact that the ink is in individual cartridges, means you don’t have to throw out a multi-color cartridge, when only one color is gone. Only one negative is the cost of the ink. Epson seem to be one of the higher priced on the market.

    • Agreed, in comparison to the other major brands, Epson will typically come out on top. But like you say, they’re definitely higher cost, and for those looking for a basic printer, that might price them out. Cheers for stopping by!.


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