Fusion 5 Laptop Review

When we’re talking about laptops, we tend to talk about the big brands that everybody knows about, like Apple, Dell and Lenovo. In most cases, it’s best to stick with these top names, as you’re going to end up with a more reliable laptop with better customer service.

But in some cases, it might be worth looking outside of the top laptop brands for your laptop. One example of this is the Fusion 5 laptop, which isn’t that well known, but is still pretty popular amongst users. But is the Fusion 5 laptop any good, or should you be looking elsewhere when purchasing a laptop? Well, let’s look at the Fusion 5 in closer detail.

Fusion 5 Laptop Review


In terms of the design of the laptop, I’ll be totally honest and say that it’s not going to win any awards for appearance any time soon. It sort of looks and feels like an old Dell laptop – it’s pretty clunky and weighty, too.


This laptop comes with 4GB of RAM installed and a Intel AtomTM x5-Z8350 processor, which is one of the older Quadcore processors that Intel make. 4GB is probably going to be enough power for the very casual users, but it’ll struggle when you have several programs open at the same time.


This laptop comes with 64GB of eMMC storage, which in fairness to it, is all you can expect from a laptop of it’s price. You aren’t even going to get a laptop with SSD storage for this price, so it’s pretty fair really. Nowadays, with many people using cloud storage for most of their documents, you won’t need a laptop with a ton of storage space.


The display is fine, with this model being 14.1 inches in size (you can get Fusion notebooks with a smaller screen size out there). You can’t expect a lot for the price, but for what it’s worth, the 1080p display isn’t bad.


This is one are of the laptop that I’m not really a fan of, and it could be a little better. Even if it’s a cheap laptop, you can still make a decent trackpad for a pretty low cost. However, this trackpad isn’t the best of quality, and it’s a little small too.


In terms of performance, as long as you’re not expecting too much of this laptop, it’s actually pretty good. You can easily browse the internet or watch YouTube videos on this device without an issue. The only problem comes when you have a lot of different tabs open at the same time, which is when the lack of power becomes a problem.

Ports and Charger

If you’re looking for a laptop that you can easily connect to your devices, then this model is likely to suit you pretty well. It has a lot of different ports and places to plug your devices in, so it is actually pretty good in this aspect.


Obviously, the main benefit of opting for a laptop like this one is that it’s super low cost. So if you’re trying to spend as little money as possible, then this could be a wise choice.
For the price, the battery life of this laptop is surprisingly good, and you can even make it an entire day without having to recharge your laptop.
The display of this laptop is actually pretty good, and is on par with much higher quality laptops.


As you’d expect with a cheap laptop like this, it’s not made of decent quality materials.
Although to many people the audio isn’t important, it’s really bad with this laptop – it’s very tinny, and you’d probably get better quality sound out of your iPhone.
This laptop has very little usable storage, so if you’re planning to save anything, you’d better have a Google Drive account.


All in all, this laptop is pretty much as you’d expect for something of this price. in comparison to most laptops on the market, it’s a below average performer with an adequate amount of power and an okay screen (matched with awful speakers). However, compared to other laptops within a similar price range, it’s probably not a bad choice.

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