GoPro voice commands guide with secret commands!

In 2013, GoPro Hero 3+ came out, and many people tried to use it for filming videos. But back then, it felt too inconvenient and unnatural as it came with a tick you had to carry all day. 

Later on, GoPro introduced Hero 5, and everything changed. It came with a wearable gimbal and a chest mount, and most importantly, it has voice commands. So now you don’t have to carry around that long stick and look like a nitwit. 

It is an excellent feature that people use without directly touching the device. So you can continue doing what you’re doing and film it along the way. 

Today, we will discuss what voice commands you can use to access various functions that this filming device offers. So continue reading until the end and learn how to use the GoPro Voice commands

GoPro Hero 7 Black
GoPro Hero 7 Black

General overview of GoPro voice commands

Ever considered using voice commands on your GoPro? Here’s everything you need to know about the voice commands that your GoPro has to offer. 

Some of you might wonder if it’s necessary to equip an action camera with these voice commands. These voice activation commands enable you to operate your action camera pretty conveniently and without physically touching it. 

It is a more convenient way to control your device, especially if both your hands are busy doing something else. For example, if you are riding a bike, you can use this feature conveniently and don’t have to stop whenever you want to use your GoPro. 

And the good thing is that you don’t have to use long commands either. For example, these voice commands only feature a few words and are easy to remember. 

Not many devices, including your GoPro action camera, support customizable voice commands. There are only a few executable tasks that you can control using the voice command. But it’s always better to have the feature rather than not!

List of GoPro models with voice commands

Not all GoPro models come with the voice command feature. If you own a GoPro older than Hero 5, it might come with a voice command feature. In other words, this is an excellent time to upgrade and look for these features by going for the latest models. 

The models that come with voice command activation features are listed below (links are to Amazon to check price and availability): 

Other ways to control goPro remotely

Don’t feel bummed if you don’t see your GoPro on the above list. You have the option of remotely controlling your device using the GoPro mobile application that is available on both iOS and Android devices. 

You will have to download the app on your mobile device, connect it with your GoPro device and start using the voice command feature by talking to your GoPro through your phone. Of course, this is not the best option, but it’s still better than having to physically control your GoPro. 

You can also use the GoPro Smart Remote if you own a Hero 3 or a different GoPro model. In addition, the GoPro Remo waterproof remote is also available, which is voice-activated

Types of activities

Some people might still be convinced that using voice commands on your action camera is not a useful feature. But there are various reasons you should use these voice commands on your GoPro for outdoor or indoor activities. 

You can conveniently use this feature to start or stop filming, and you can use it for taking pictures using your device. You can even use it for your time-lapse shots and bursts. In addition, these features can set a HiLight tag and even alter different shooting modes. 

These voice commands are excellent for different outdoors activities such as: 


When you’re hiking, you’re busy carrying all the necessary gear. And, of course, if you are looking to capture the entire hike, you will get tired holding the GoPro stick in your hand. This is a great example where you can use voice commands and conveniently record anything and everything when you need it, without holding your GoPro in your hand. 


When you are surfing, it’s pretty much impossible to get that perfect shot that you have always wanted if you go through the entire menu of your device. And, of course, your entire body is busy maintaining proper balance on the surfboard. 

With the help of voice activation, it becomes much easier for you to surf and take pictures or shoot videos of yourself with your surroundings. 


Cycling is an activity that keeps your limbs busy. You are holding your bike’s handle and paddling with your feet. Of course, you will have to maintain your balance. In this scenario, it is very challenging to use your action camera. 

But with these voice activation commands, you can conveniently shoot videos and take your pictures with your GoPro without compromising the quality of the results. 

GoPro Cam on a helmet
GoPro Cam on a helmet


Just like cycling, climbing is another activity that involves all your limbs. And if you love mountain climbing, it is not recommended to scroll through the GoPro menu as it is not safe. And this is the perfect situation to use GoPro voice activation. 


Suppose you want to capture every moment on the camera while skiing; the results will be pretty exciting. But you can’t keep your hands free when you are skiing. Therefore, it is better to use voice commands and create memories. 


If you decide to shoot a video of yourself when you are paddling, it might become a frustrating endeavor, especially if you have to go through the action camera’s menu. 

You might miss a beautiful shot featuring a fish jumping out of the water as you must be very spontaneous. So it is an excellent option to use the voice commands of your GoPro to shoot a video or take a picture. 


Fishing can have a pretty calming effect on you. But this calm effect only lasts until you catch something big. You can immediately start shooting your video with your GoPro voice commands as you bring in a big catch. You can even do so with both your hands busy holding the fishing pole. 

Action voice commands

The voice commands on GoPro can be split into three categories. The action commands are the more straightforward commands, including a simple “Capture” or “Shoot,” which are the verbal equivalents of just pressing the shutter. 

Here are the action commands that you can use on your GoPro device: 

  • “GoPro Stop Time Lapse” → It stops the time-lapse capture.
  • “GoPro Start Time Lapse” → It will start timelapse capture in the latest model, either video or photo. 
  • “GoPro Shoot Burst” It will take burst photos. 
  • “GoPro Take Photo” → It will just take a single photo.
  • “GoPro Stop Recording” → It stops recording video.
  • “GoPro HiLight” → It adds a HiLight tag to your video and will be accessible in playback. With it, you can bookmark a moment in this video. 
  • “GoPro Start Recording” → It starts recording if it is currently in video mode. 
  • “GoPro Stop Capture” → It stops capturing if in time-lapse or video mode. Other modes automatically stop. 
  • “GoPro Capture” → It begins capturing in the mode your action camera is currently in. 

Mode voice commands

The second category is the mode commands in which you want your GoPro to shoot in a different mode. So, for example, if your GoPro is in video mode but is not recording, you can say, “GoPro Take A Photo.” Your action camera will do that for you, and you don’t have to change the mode of your device. 

However, mode commands don’t activate your GoPro’s shutter. Meaning your device won’t start taking pictures or recording a video when you say this command. 

Moreover, these mode commands won’t work if your GoPro is already recording a video or is in timelapse. You will have to stop your recording and then use these mode commands. 

There are only a few mode commands, and we have listed them down below: 

  • “GoPro Video Mode” → Your camera will switch to video mode. 
  • “GoPro Photo Mode” → Your camera will switch to photo mode. 
  • “GoPro Time Lapse Mode” → Your GoPro switched to timelapse. 

Secret voice commands

Your GoPro voice activation features also come with a couple of secret voice commands. The voice commands are not officially listed, but they sure do work. These are: 

  • “That was sick.” 
  • “Oh shit!”

These voice commands tend to have the same effect as saying the “GoPro HiLight” action command. Saying these secret commands will add a highlight tag as the device is recording a video. 

Compatible languages for GoPro voice commands

The voice command features are available in different languages, and we listed them for you below: 

  • English (US, UK, and Australian)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese

Portuguese and Russian languages are not available in GoPro REMO.

How to turn voice commands on and off

There are three different ways that you can use to turn these voice commands on and off on your GoPro action camera. 

Via the shortcut panel

With the shortcut panel on the back screen, you can turn the voice control on your GoPro on and off. It is a default setup; you can access it using the left icon that looks like a person speaking. Then, just toggle it on or off by tapping the icon. 

Via the regular menu system

Another way to turn the voice commands on or off is by using the regular menu system. First, you’ll have to go to your GoPro menu and select Preferences. Then you need to select Voice Control and, in the end, choose on or off. 

Via the GoPro Quik app

The third option you can go for is using the GoPro Quik app. With this, you will only have to go for Camera Preferences and the Setup. You can access Voice Control and turn it on or off according to your preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hero 10 have voice commands?

Yes, GoPro Hero 10 supports voice commands, and you can control essential functions with these features. The Hero 10 Black supports complete voice control, and you can use all voice commands on this device. 


The newer GoPro action cameras have different voice commands that you can use to conveniently access your camera’s controls. This way, you won’t miss out on capturing any action. 

You can use these GoPro voice commands for various outdoor activities. And capture everything important to you. No matter how busy your hands are, you won’t miss out on recording anything when you are outdoors with these voice commands. 

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