How to get ITV Hub/Player on your smart TV?

There are various different catch up services and streaming options out there for us to use. In general, the main streaming platforms that many of us use on a regular basis are Netflix and Amazon Prime, which have only really become super popular in the last few years.

However when it comes down to catch up and on demand services, there are two major ones that most of us want. BBC iPlayer is readily available on almost all smart TVs, and it’ll typically come pre-installed on your device. They even introduced BBC iPlayer to owns of LG TVs back in August 2020, after a long time of waiting.

Unfortunately, there’s still no support on LG TV’s for people looking to watch ITV Player/Hub. It doesn’t come pre-installed on LG televisions, and many others that don’t use the Android operating system either.

This is pretty frustrating, as you expect with any new smart TV that they’re going to have the ‘big three’ of BBC, ITV and Channel 4 all covered. There’s also reports of ITV Hub not working, but only on certain brands of smart TV.

How to get ITV Hub/Player on your smart TV?

So unfortunately, there are some brands of smart TV that won’t be able to get ITV player. This includes some LG and Sony smart TV’s, because their operating system isn’t integrated to using the ITV hub at the present.

As I mentioned, this is pretty frustrating. It’s likely that it will come to all smart TVs sooner rather than later, but it does seem like this should have been planned a little better. Of course, some of these models may not have been designed with the UK in mind, meaning that they didn’t expect there to be any ‘necessities’.

What other options do you have if you don’t have ITV hub on your telly, and you can’t download the app either? That’s what we’re going to look at now.

Link your laptop up

For the time being, it’s probably easiest for you to make do with what you’ve already got at home. If you don’t have any other streaming device that you can use, then you can always load up ITV hub within the browser on your laptop.

This is pretty easy to do, and all you’ll need to do is create an account and let them know your address. They only do this as they’re dubious about people watching live shows without a TV licence. But, you don’t need a TV licence to watch catch up TV anyway.

Once you’ve loaded it up, you can simply link the laptop to the back of your television via a HDMI cable. Sure, it might be a little bit much to do it every time that you want to watch something, but for the one off occasion it’s a good solution.

Get a Casting or Streaming Device

Another alternative that you can use to watch ITV player on your smart TV is to pick up a casting or streaming device to do this with. There are many different options for you to choose from here, and they’ll all come with ITB Hub pre-installed or easily downloadable.

All you’ll need to do with these devices is to plug them into the back of your television. Some of them will work with just a USB port to power them, whilst others will come with their own AC adapter to use too. Here’s a couple of your options in this scenario.

Firestick – Amazon’s Firestick is one of the cheaper solutions to this problem, and it’s probably a good fit for the majority of people. You can get all of the UK catch up channels that you need with this, including ITV Hub. It’s also a great choice if you want to download other apps as well, like Crunchyroll.
Chromecast – If you don’t want the hassle of having to use a HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV whenever you want to watch something, then you could think about a Chromecast. Using this device, you connect your phone, tablet or laptop to your TV and cast whatever you’re watching on that screen. It’s a simple way to get ITV hub on your smart TV if you can’t get the app.
Now TV – For those based in the UK, you can consider looking at the Now TV stick as a good option for this as well. It’s basically a subscription service to Sky, where you can sign up for their Sports, Entertainment and Kids packages. But as well as this, you also get iPlayer, ITV Hub and other apps free to use and pre-installed on the device as well.


It’s unlikely that it’s going to be forever before the ITV Hub app is added into the network of apps for non-Android smart TVs, but in the meantime it’s still pretty frustrating. There are a few solutions to this problem, with a casting device probably being the best way to get ITV hub on your smart TV for the majority of people.

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