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When you’re looking for free ways to watch TV online, then you’re going to have pretty limited options. Although there’s an abundance of different streaming services out there, it can be pretty difficult to find one that doesn’t cost.

And if you’re already paying out for Amazon Prime and Netflix, then you won’t want need any more recurring fees to chip away at your bank balance. This is where a free TV service like Pluto TV comes in and fills the gaps in your entertainment needs.

So, just how good is Pluto TV, and is it worth downloading in the UK as well as the US? We’re going to find out.

What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is a completely free way to watch television shows and films. Whilst it’s most popular in the United States, you can also watch Pluto TV in the UK and other countries too. The digital service provider have hundreds of shows and movies that are free to view.

Although not as well known as other companies like Netflix – and this is fair, as Pluto isn’t a major competitor for them yet – it can be useful to have the app on your device. Even if you just want to put something on for the kids to watch, it can definitely come in handy.

If you want to watch, then the best way to do this is via the Pluto TV app. You can easily download this quickly within your app store, and it’s a good way to try the service out.

Free streaming services like this are a dime a dozen nowadays, but there are various different movies and TV shows you can check out. Let’s look at Pluto TV a little more to see whether it might be worth it for you.

How much does Pluto TV cost?

One of the best thing about Pluto TV is that it’s absolutely free. Whilst it might not have the selection of a paid app, there’s no reason not to consider downloading it and seeing if there’s anything on there for you to watch.

How do they make money, then? Well, I have to say that the service is pretty ad heavy, so if you like Netflix because it doesn’t have any ads, then this can’t be said about Pluto. There are tons of ads throughout TV shows, and making it similar to watching a show on British television.

What can I watch on Pluto TV?

Pluto TV has a really wide variety of different things that you can watch on the platform. Bear in mind that some of them (okay, most of them) you’ll likely not have heard of, but there are some familiar favourites on there too.

TV Channels

In terms of TV shows, the streaming service has the following categories with examples of each;

Movies | Categorized by Genre e.g Thriller, Western.
Crime and Mystery | Unsolved Mysteries, the New Detectives.
Entertainment | The Simple Life, Beauty and the Geek, Fear Factor.
Drama | Andromeda, Degrassi, Hunter.
My5 | My5 Crime, My5 Drama.
Life and Style | Hell’s Kitchen, Homes under the Hammer, Worst Cooks.
Curiosity | Fifth Gear, Biography & Nature shows
Sports | WPT, Glory Kickboxing, Strongest Man.
Geek & Gaming | Minecraft TV, IGN.
Movies | Stand Up Channel, Dogs & Cats 24/7.
Kids | Sabrina, Inspector Gadget, Yu-Gi-Oh.

These aren’t all of the channels on the service, just some of them. As well as these options, it also has the news channel Cheddar, which can keep you updated with all of the news.

Films and Boxsets

Whilst these shows are streamed on channels, you can also watch them through the providers on demand service too. Some titles that stick out in terms of boxsets are channel 4’s Skins, as well as Kitchen Nightmares and tons of other Ramsey shows.

The film selection isn’t the greatest out there, but there’s still a few titles to note. Some of the better options are The Ninth Gate (who doesn’t love Johnny Depp), Bernie and old school favourite Muriel’s Wedding.

The selection of well known shows is what really lets the Pluto TV streaming service down. Unless you’re a Dog the Bounty Hunter fanatic, it’s not going to compare to any paid streaming service (nor can we expect it to).

Where can I watch Pluto TV?

One good thing about Pluto is that there’s a ton of different ways that you can watch it, whether you’re in the US or the UK. The best way to watch it in the UK is through some kind of streaming stick; whether that’s a Fire stick or a Roku stick is your own personal preference.

You can also watch Pluto TV via your phone if you’re using an iPhone or an Android, or their respective tablet equivalents too. Playstation also allows you to download the Pluto app, and its available on Samsung and smart TV’s too (check our large widescreen smart TV guide here).

Another place that you can watch Pluto TV is on Vizio branded smart TV’s. However, it’s actually parcelled up and labelled differently with this brand, instead being called WatchFree on their service. But essentially, these two are the same thing.

WatchFree on Vizio is essentially the brands answer to the Samsung TV Plus, which is another free TV service launched by Samsung. It’s a live TV service that could be worth checking out.

Of course, you can also watch Pluto TV directly within your internet browser too. You just need to head over to their website (pluto.tv) and you’ll be able to see the range of channels that they offer.

Who owns Pluto TV?

You might have seen that Pluto TV was actually bought by Viacom in 2019 – Viacom own a whole host of entertainment brands like CBS, MTV and Comedy Central, amongst more.

The brand was bought for $340 million dollars, which is impressive seeing as they’ve only been around since 2013 (you may have also seen that they were funded by the rapper, Nas).

The future of the service is going to be pretty interesting, especially as they’re now owned by a company that have a lot of different channels and TV shows under their umbrella.


Overall, it’s really hard to criticize anything that’s completely free. Although I will say that the ads are pretty annoying, especially since those of us who’ve switched to online streaming will probably say that ads are one of the reasons why.

However except for the ads in Pluto TV, it’s probably worth a download. There’s a ton of variety on there, and although there’s probably a ton of stuff you’ll never watch, there’s sure to be a few gems in there too. Just don’t expect many big name films and TV shows!

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