Connect ps5 to hotel wifi in 5 steps + troubleshooting

Planning to take your PS5 with you on your next vacation? You might have to think about how you will set it up with the Wi-Fi in the hotel where you will be staying. 

Have you given it a thought? Is it possible? These questions are probably rolling around your mind, but you don’t have to worry about them. 

This guide will sort all these things out, and yes, you can enjoy your console during your downtime on your vacation — so keep reading to learn how to connect PS5 to hotel WiFi. 

How to Connect PS5 to Hotel WiFi

Establishing a connection between your PS5 and hotel WiFi is relatively easy. Just go to “Settings,” then “Set up Connect,” then “WiFi,” as you would with your home network: your console is now connected to the hotel’s WiFi network. 


Connecting to Hotel WiFi on PS5?

Here are the steps you need to follow to finish connecting in no time. 

Step #1 — Go into Settings

You can begin the process by going to the settings page of your PS5. Look at the top right corner of the screen. Select the Settings icon and then navigate to the console’s Network Settings

Step #2 – Setting up the Connection

Within Network Settings, you will see the “Set up Connection” option. You will have to select this option to proceed. 

Step #3 – Selecting the WiFi Network

The next step is to select your hotel’s WiFi network. Once you have clicked on “Set up Connection” under Network Settings, you will be taken to a page allowing you to choose your WiFi network

This is where you can select your hotel’s WiFi (check with your hotel’s reception desk if you see multiple networks). Another box might open up with steps on “How to Authenticate.” This is where you will have to authenticate using your smartphone. 

Step #4 – Connecting using your phone

You must use your phone to connect it to your PS5 console for authentication. Hence, you will have to open network settings on your phone and search for the wireless network that your console uses. 

Once complete, you will have to click on it, and a box will appear asking you for your password. You can use the inbuilt PS5 Authenticator

Connect to the hotel’s WiFi using the login credentials (call your hotel’s front desk if you don’t have the info). Then, you need to go to Settings, where you can see User’s Guide, Health & Safety, and Other Information. Select User’s Guide, and a popup will appear where you can click “Yes.” 

From there, a sign-in box will appear, allowing you to enter the login authenticator info. Once you have entered this info, a green check mark will pop up, saying “Success.” 

From here, you need to go to Network and choose “Test Internet Connection.” It will take some time, but the authenticator will check the internet connection. Be sure to let it finish. 

When the screen displays “Connection Test Complete,” your console will be connected to your hotel WiFi. 

Step #5 – Entering your password

Finally, you need to enter the WiFi password you want to use and tap on “Connect.”  

Here’s a video link to guide you through the entire process: 

Does the PS5 Have Wi-Fi?

PS5 has WiFi compatibility and features its own WiFi 6 network card. This network card is compatible with Bluetooth and 2×2 MU-MIMO wireless transfers. Hence, your console is fully capable of connecting to any WiFi network, and you don’t have to go through any modifications. 

But your console has to go through a router to connect with a network. Your console needs a local internet connection if you want access to all its online features. This is where your hotel’s WiFi comes in. 

A boy playing with PS5
A boy playing with PS5

Why Won’t Your PS5 Connect to Hotel WiFi?

Various issues can prevent your console from connecting to your hotel WiFi. We all know how frustrating that can be. Below are the most common reasons, so you can quickly resolve the issue. 

You Have Entered an Incorrect Password

One of the primary reasons you cannot connect your console to your hotel WiFi is that you may have entered an incorrect password. That’s why your console is not connecting. After checking the password, try to connect to the WiFi again. 

You Might Have To Restart Your Console

After checking the password, the next thing you can try is restarting the console. Sometimes, your console just needs a reboot to clear the cache, which may be why it is unable to connect to the internet. 

Don’t put your PS5 into its rest mode when trying to restart your console. In rest mode, your console will only go into sleep mode. 

You will still be able to download games and updates. A restart here means an attempt to make some progress in establishing the internet connection. The steps to restart your console (digital or disc version) of your PS5 are slightly different. 

If you are looking to restart using the disc version, here’s what you’ll need to do: 

  • You will need to press and hold one of the two buttons at the bottom of the console. 
  • Go for the bottom button and keep it pressed for a few seconds
  • Two beeps and the PS5 will power off, and that’s when you need to release. 

For restarting with the digital version of your console, these are the steps that you need to follow: 

  • Press and hold the only available button on your console for a few seconds. 
  • As soon as you hear two beeps, release the button

The important thing here is only to release the button when you hear two beeps, no matter which version of the console you have. If you release only after one beep, your console will go into rest mode

A DNS Error Has Occurred

Your console might be facing a DNS error, which is why your console cannot connect to the internet. This error occurs when your console can’t connect to an IP address using a domain name. 

In such a scenario, you will have to change the DNS settings of the console. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • Go to the console’s settings and select “Network.”
  • On the Network page, choose Settings again and go to Network Settings
  • Select “Set up Internet Connection” and look for the list of available networks. 
  • Find the network you are trying to connect to and select it
  • Select “Advanced Settings” and “DNS Settings” to set up manually.
  • Once complete, you can add DNS settings for different servers like Cloudflare, Google, IBM Quad9, NTT, etc., which we’ve included below.
ServerPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
IBM Quad99.9.9.9149.112.112.112

Router problems

Your console cannot connect to the internet because there might be router issues. Your room may not be close enough to the hotel’s router. Additionally, other people at your hotel are also trying to connect to the router at the same time. But there is little you can do here if you are dealing with these two scenarios. 

Your only option is to occasionally check for connectivity and see if you can link your console to your hotel WiFi. 

PS5 Controller
PS5 Controller

What to do if Your PS5 Won’t Connect to Hotel WiFi

There are different troubleshooting methods that you can use if your console won’t connect to your hotel’s WiFi. We have listed them below and will discuss them briefly. 

Verifying Your Network’s Password or Other Security Details

You must check the password or other login credentials. Double-check the password and be sure you have entered the correct one. 

Try and Join a Network Manually

You can join your hotel WiFi network manually; if you cannot locate it in the list of available connections. Of course, you haven’t connected to your hotel’s WiFi before, so you might have to enter details manually. Talk to your hotel’s front desk clerk for assistance with this. 

You Can Use an Ethernet Cable 

Another option is to use an ethernet cable because there might be some issue with your wireless connection. Just try to set up a wired connection with the help of a LAN or an ethernet cable. On your PS5, go to “Settings,” then “Network,” then “Set Up Internet Connection.” Then, choose “Set up Wired LAN.” 

Running a Network Test

Try running a network test because your console has the native tool to test and diagnose your connection. It will check how slow or weak your internet connection is. 

You can do that by going to the Settings menu, then “Network.” After that, select Connection Status, then “Test Internet Connection.” 

If your connection passes this test, your console may have issues, or the PS network servers might face problems. But if this test highlights a problem, you can restart your console and test the connection again. 

Power Cycling the Router

There are times when the router fails to authenticate your console. There can be some temporary system glitches as well. In this scenario, you can ask the hotel staff if rebooting the router is an option, then try connecting again.

Disconnecting Other Devices

Your hotel WiFi may have a connection rule in place. With these rules, you cannot connect more than 3 or 4 devices simultaneously. So, you can disconnect a few other devices and try to attempt connecting the console again. 

Unblocking or Whitelisting Your Console

If all other devices can connect to the network, excluding your PS5, your console might be blacklisted. Therefore, you need to whitelist it by going to the Admin Panel of your console and looking for Device Management. Unblock your console and then try to connect it again. Talk to your hotel’s IT team for assistance if needed.

Updating Your Router’s Firmware or PS5

You need to update the router’s firmware, or the PS5’s firmware, to make sure it can connect to the internet again. For the router’s firmware, you may have to go to Settings, and that’s only possible if you have access to the hotel router’s settings. But if that’s not possible, update your console from the settings. 

PS5 gaming on a big screen
PS5 gaming on a big screen

Can I Play Games on My PS5 if the Internet is Not Available?

You don’t have to drop your shoulders if you cannot connect your PS5 to the internet. The good news is that you can still play your favorite games on your console. This is because you don’t need an internet connection to play games on your PS5. 

Some features might be unavailable to you due to a lack of connection, but you can play single-player games using a disc or some other patch downloads. 

You don’t need an internet connection if you have downloaded games offline if you have the primary console of your PlayStation account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Connect My PS5 to a Secured Wi-Fi?

If you want to connect your console to a secure WiFi network, it will show up with a padlock in the list of networks on your console. You must enter the WPA, WEP, or WPA2 security code. If you want to do that at your hotel, ask for the WiFi password from the hotel staff. 

How Do I Trigger a Wi-Fi Login Page?

It’s as easy as turning off the Wi-Fi, waiting for a few seconds, and then turning it on again. This will do the trick and trigger the login page. But if you don’t have the router near you, you can turn off the WiFi on your console and then turn it back on after waiting for a few seconds.


There are various ways to connect your PS5 console to your hotel WiFi. Sometimes checking the password or restarting your console is all that’s needed to solve the issue. 

Additionally, your PS5 allows you to play games without an internet connection. If you cannot connect to WiFi, you can still enjoy your games during your downtime in the hotel. So, if you are considering taking your console with you on your next vacation, do it! 

We hope our guide helped you figure out how to connect PS5 to hotel WiFi. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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