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Vissles LP85 Keyboard Review

Vissles LP85 Optical-Mechanical Keyboard Review

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, you’re likely already familiar with the advantages of using one regardless of your level of expertise in programming or gaming. Let’s admit it, though,  despite their improved performance, mechanical

Why is my mouse lagging

Why is my Mouse Lagging: Every possible solution!

Mouse lagging can be downright unpleasant. It can hinder productivity while completing tasks like creating documents or doing fun activities like playing a game on your system.  Why is my mouse lagging? Mouse lagging can


Best Wireless Mouse UK [2021]

When looking for the best wireless mouse, you need to decide exactly what you need. The dots per inch, battery life and size of your mouse are all crucial to getting the right mouse for


Apple Magic Keyboard Review | For Macbooks

If you’re looking for a keyboard to accompany your Mac, then you’ve probably come across the Magic Keyboard already. It’s Apple’s primary keyboard that they offer with any Mac product, and they can be a


Logitech MX Vertical Review | More comfort, more cost

When it comes to peripherals, a vertical mouse is definitely an acquired taste. They can definitely make your overall experience more comfortable, but the compromise is that you’ll have less cursor accuracy. For some people,


Logitech MX Keys review: Backlit & beautiful

There are a ton of different options available if you’re looking at new wireless keyboards. One of the better known models is the Logitech MX Keys, which was released at the back end of 2019.


Logitech G903 Review – The Ambidextrous King?

There are a good variety of different options to choose from when you’re searching for the right gaming mouse. And if you’re looking for a high end model, then it doesn’t really come much better


Are ergonomic keyboards worth it?

When you’re looking for a new wireless keyboard, it isn’t easy to find the right one for you. They come in varying different sizes and types too, with varying mechanisms for the keys themselves. You’ll


Steelseries Apex 3 review: Aesthetically excellent

Steelseries are well known for some high-end gaming keyboards, and they often go toe-to-toe with Razer, Roccat and other competitors. Most of their releases are premium and fairly expensive keyboards. However, an alternative option to


Keychron K2 Review – A compact and clicky keyboard

Over the last decade, mechanical keyboards have been gradually increasing in popularity. They provide a completely different experience than many of us are used to with our membrane alternatives and scissor-switch laptop keyboards. One of


Best vertical mouse for increased comfort [2021]

If you’ve ever had any issues with your wrist when you’re using your computer or laptop, then a vertical mouse might be the answer. They enable you to maintain a preferable handshake position as opposed


Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review | Full Details

If you have a Mac already or you’re looking at getting one, then you might be thinking about what accessories you need to go with it. One of the most commonly bought peripherals is the


Logitech M705 vs M510 Mouse Comparison

There are quite a lot of different budget mice on the market to choose from. If you’re looking for reliability, it’s always good to opt with a big brand name that offers a decent warranty


8 of the best wireless keyboards for 2021

If you’re looking for a good keyboard to use in your home office setup, then there are several good ones out there to choose from. But getting the best keyboard isn’t easy, as there are


Best Mouse for FPS games for 2021

When it comes to finding a mouse, the best one will likely come down to your own personal needs. And if you play a lot of first-person shooter games, then there are some gaming mice


Logitech M325 vs M310 – Full Comparison

If you’re looking for a wireless mouse, then you’ve likely come across both the Logitech M325 and also the Logitech M310 as well. They’re both quite standard mice with a very similar price point. Not